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Mosaic Progress

While Bea was working on her art journal yesterday, I was making progress on my mosaic!

Do you remember when I was in New Zealand and fell in love mosaics at The Giant’s House?


I had visions of making my backyard a smaller version! Silly me!

When I got home I started checking into lessons, but was unable to find any locally. I was sad about it, but I was determined to find something, somewhere.

Finally, one of my art girls (probably tired of hearing me whine about it! Heeheehee!) decided we were going to give it a try on our own! She’s adventurous like that.

So, we looked around on the internet for ideas and materials and went for it. Well, guess what? We did it!

Here is the result of my first 3 hours…


As you can see, my fantasy about turning my backyard into a smaller version of The Giant’s House evaporated. At that rate, I’d be 150 before I had much to show my labor!

The good news is, with practice I got faster.






Yesterday was probably my most productive day, and here’s what I have to show for it.




I’m still not reviving my fantasy about filling the backyard, but I am hopeful I may eventually do a garden pot or two!

The best news is I am having a flat out blast and can hardly wait to work on it some more!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. LOVE it!!!! Are you going to spell something with letters?


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