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I turned 63 yesterday. I’m comforting myself with the thought that 60 is the new 40, but really?

Yeah, I probably feel a lot younger at 63 than my mom did at the same age, but 20 years younger? I don’t know. I remember a time when 30 seemed ANCIENT, so is forty even all that much better?

Regardless, it is what it is, and I AM 63. Officially.


I think one reason we keep celebrating our birthdays into our “golden years” is once you get past the kid stage, you need a little fun to make the larger numbers easier to handle.

So, yesterday we celebrated my birthday. And it actually WAS my birthday. That is almost unheard of in my family. Our schedules are so complicated, that we almost always have to find a different date than the actual one. Of course, it helped that it was Father’s Day, as well. Chances are if my birthday had fallen on a different day, we STILL would have celebrated it on Sunday, but that’s okay. The celebration is the important part, not the date. And really, I don’t mind sharing the limelight at all!

What a great celebration it was!

Mr. Tattered started things off with his world famous margaritas.


Alex face-timed us from Kuwait, so we all got to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. Lexi just held the phone like a phone, forgetting she could see Daddy if she held it away from her!


The kids entertained us with their trampoline antics – better than any show you’d pay money for!


Andra put together a great Nacho bar for dinner, including homemade guacamole…yum, yum!

Meegan made the heart-shaped cake (delish!) and decorated it beautifully, with fresh flowers! The kiddles helped me blow out the candles.






Finally we (the Dads and I) opened our gifts – lots of homemade love, there!

By the time we decided to try to get a few photos of me with the grandkids, Lexi was tired, cranky and just not going’ for it, so we did the best we could! Out of about 20 photos, they just went downhill from here!




We tried! Yeah, things get a little crazy, but we love it!

As far as celebrating birthdays go, as long as I get to do it with this crew, the quickly escalating numbers are worth it.




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  1. Just remember “growing older is a privilege denied to many”. This fall I’ll be 5 years older than you! BTW, I love the photo of just you.


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