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A Little Manic Here!

Day 2 of my 3 day staycation would best be described as manic!

I have been busy all day, flitting from one project to another and it’s been a blast!

Normally I would give myself a task and keep on it until I was done, then move on to another one. Today I just did what I felt like doing, even though none of it resulted in a finished project. Instead, I made progress on a bunch of different things – some creative, some nesting, and even some cleaning. It was a balanced, productive day.

I added some tile to my mosaic:


put the new cushions on the patio chairs,


hung some stuff that had been sitting in a corner for ages,


put the towels and baskets on the new bathroom storage shelves,


put the new pretties on the bathroom counter,


put all my tiny stamps into one storage container,



And that doesn’t even count doing laundry, cleaning out the fridge, tossing a bunch of unwanted “products” out of bathroom drawers, and a bunch of other mundane tasks.

I have to laugh…this probably doesn’t seem like much of a vacation to most of you. But for me it’s heavenly, just to have the time to do it all without any distractions. And best yet, I’m doing it because I WANT to, not because I have to! I was fully prepared to be a total bum for 3 days if that’s what I felt like doing. But I’m so glad productivity won out.


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  1. I love to use “extra” time to get things in order – it took me years to realize that having a place for everything and putting things away used less time than searching for lost stuff! I spent half a day this weekend cleaning out closets and refolding the contents of my drawers – so I get it!!

    • I’m not as good about returning things to their proper place as I could be, which leads to messy clutter, (as opposed to cute, decorative clutter which I love,) and I can only take it for so long. I don’t think I recognized I was at my breaking point until I started cleaning and realized how much I was enjoying it. It’s still not where I want it to be, but I made a major dent!


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