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I am declaring a temporary moratorium on the acquisition of any more stamps and/or stencils.

No, I have not lost my mind. I have lost the ability to cram one more thing into my art room. Okay, that’s not completely accurate. If I want to climb over things every time I walk into the room, and if I don’t mind not being able to find the stamp or stencil I’m looking for because they are stuffed into every little nook and cranny, I can probably fit in another couple hundred.

But I don’t. I want them all together in one place, preferably sorted by what they are so I can easily find what I’m looking for.

And that means I need to stop accumulating more.

How bad is it? Well, by the time I’d decided to write a blog about it, I’d already organized them a bit, but you’ll get the idea…






Here are just a few of the ones I’ve purchased just in the past few weeks.



I feel like I’m escalating!

Now notice back in the beginning I used the word “acquisition?” That means not only can I not buy any more, but I can’t accept any that are being given away, or keep one I find on the street.

This flies in the face of everything I believe in. It means that “too much of a good thing is wonderful” is no longer applicable in my life. It means I can no longer participate in the “she who dies with the most stamps, wins” competition. It means enough is enough. (WHO SAID THAT???) I can’t believe my ears (or, more appropriately, my eyes.)

Even as I make these declarations, I can picture myself caving. I’ll see something someone has done and I’ll think, “ooooh, that’s so cool. I need that.” I know I will.

But maybe, just maybe, the next few times I go to the store, I’ll just drool instead of actually putting it in my cart. Or else, after I put it in the cart, I’ll feel so guilty I’ll put it back. Hey! Don’t laugh! It could happen!

Yeah, I know. I don’t have a real good track record when it comes to resisting temptation. Especially if I run across a really cool set of Italian icon stamps just as I’m about to start the Italy album. Or an alphabet I’ve never seen before in JUST the right size.

Anyway. Now that I’m attempting to curtail the addition of more, the burning issue becomes, how do I store the ones I have now so I have easy access to them, and how do I organize them so that I can find what I need quickly?

I bought some little plastic containers to store alphabets in, making them easier to get to, so that’s a start. (And I even put the stamps IN the containers!) I still need a few more in different sizes, so that scavenger hunt begins, but at least I know the concept works.


The clear and rubber clings are much more organized, but there are still SOOO many of them. Two big binders full, in fact.


I haven’t even addressed the stencils. Trust me on this. There are LOTS of them. But being so thin, they don’t really take up that much space. I’m pretty sure a skinny 12 x 12 project case will work for keeping all the stencils together (hmmm…I may even have one floating around here already!)

I might get so organized I’ll discover I really do have room for more!

See what I mean? I’m incorrigible.


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  1. I store my cling stamps in cd cases with stamp on the cover. It works marveloues. You can always trade which actually isn’t aquiring more just a thought.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Kim. I actually saw that on pinterest just yesterday and was wondering if it would work! Trading is not a bad idea, either. There are probably SOME I could live without!


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