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Doing Our Part (the beginning of the end)

Being attached to front lawn isn’t something most people experience. But I have.

I grew up with a beautiful front lawn, even in our tiny little house. Every neighborhood I ever lived in had them. I’d seen houses with rocks in place of grass in desert communities and trailer parks, but it was an oddity. And not one I liked.

Then we moved to the mountains. The land in front of the house had been left as nature intended it to be. I lobbied hard for a more formal front yard with grass, but Mr. Tattered didn’t much like the idea of maintaining that large of an area. Since I didn’t want to do it myself, I was pretty much stuck with what I had. For over 25 years. I didn’t complain much, but I never stopped wishing I had a lawn.

Then 8 years ago we moved into an area with traditional yards again. And I finally had my grass. I can’t say I thought about it every time I drove up to the house, but I did frequently.

Then the drought hit. Mr. Tattered began making noise about switching to a drought tolerant yard with native and low water need plants, bark and rocks. I resisted. For 3 years I refused to talk about it. By year 4 several neighbors had made the change, and I had to admit it was time to at least discuss the possibility.

The first step would be to have plans drawn up to submit to the HOA for a variance. I am probably capable of doing them myself, but Mr. Tattered kinda thought it was a bit rude to ask me to do the research and work to do plans for something I didn’t really want to do, so we hired a landscape architect. We’re still in the process of getting them completed.


The next step was to stop watering, and begin the process of getting rid of the grass. Once we stopped watering it didn’t take long for the browning to begin.



So, of course, now that we have begun the process, they are talking about potential of the El Nino to come this next year, which would dump higher than normal rainfall, and possibly bring about the end to the drought. I’m tempted to keep the lawn.

BUT, truth be told, we live in the golden part of the golden state, and these droughts are going to continue to be a problem. For all intents and purposes, without irrigation it would be practically a desert. We will continually be fighting mother nature.

So. We’re doing our part to conserve water, and I’ll tolerate the new yard. I’ll even try to like it.

We’re not going to actually start the manual labor part of the project until the end of summer. I’ll keep you posted.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Just think of the front yard as a blank canvas, and you’re using a new and different palette. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  2. I hear you. Weren’t you considering a few years ago an artificial lawn? They can be really soft! Drought-tolerant and colorful plants and flowers?

    • We put artificial turf in the backyard last year, but our HOA won’t allow it in the front yard yet. We’ve considered waiting, because I think they will eventually, but I think my man would prefer the naturalized yard. Since it IS shared space, I guess he should get what he wants from time to time. Heeheehee! And yes, I’m going for color. I just hope I don’t hate it! If it’s so-so, I’m okay with that.


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