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FINALLY, Mosaics

If you think back to my vacation in the spring when I went to New Zealand, you might remember “The Giant’s House,” a fabulous French style home with the grounds COVERED in mosaics.




I was so excited by it I was ready to turn my whole backyard into a mosaic garden. Then we got home, life took over, and my excitement faded, but never completely went away. Every once in awhile I’d look for classes, but never found anything.

Then one of the gals in my art group suggested we try it on our own. We were having one of our art get-togethers at a non profit recycling place called “Re-Create.” They have TONS of recycled materials you can use for art projects, including tile. It was a perfect time to give it a try.

I initially thought I wanted to start with a pot, but in searching the internet for a supply list I wandered onto pinterest for ideas and inspiration, and found a number of ideas for flat surfaces. My two favorites were hearts and monograms. I couldn’t find heart cutouts that I liked, so I went with a giant “F.”

It’s probably a good thing that it is harder than it looks. Cutting the tiles is a fair amount of work and takes more strength than I would have thought. I think I need something that will score the tiles, as well as the nippers I was working with.


I started with a broken plate from my kitchen in just the perfect shade of red. Two hours later, I really hadn’t accomplished much.




BUT, I had a blast, AND I want to continue.

The chances of transforming the backyard are slim and none (so you can relax, Mr. Tattered!) but that’s okay. An accent piece here and there will be just fine.







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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. That is beautiful, keep going on it! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    • Thanks! It’s going to be interesting. As long as I like how it’s looking, it has a decent chance of getting completed. If I hit a snag I can’t get past, it’ll go on the unfinished project pile! But I think I’ll be okay. Bea’s purse turned out even better than I’d hoped, and this will be similar.


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