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Day #26 Flowers and Layouts

Let’s mix it up a little and start with my flowers for the May flower challenge today… Yeah, I’m running out of big flowers, and a ground cover, Alyssum is looking pretty good!




The more time I’m spending searching for something blooming to photograph, the more anxious I get to be out there working. The garden is going to be getting a facelift soon. I have had to accept that an English garden in the middle of what, left to its own devices would be called a desert, is not practical. In order to get water to it, we HAVE to use drip irrigation, but drip is not real sturdy, and tends to leak, so you have to be able to get to it to repair it. If you have a jungle of plants, it is difficult to get to, and my drip guy (AKA Mr. Tattered) gets a little cranky when he has to venture into it. It has lead to some huge arguments. So the plan is to simplify. I can’t say I’m really excited about it, because the more sterile look is not something I love, but I think I’ll be able to seat aside a small area where I can play with the plants I love…I hope. And if it preserves the peace, it’ll be worth it.


Today my layout is of 2 restaurants (uh-oh, I’m sensing another theme here!) Govinda’s, a wonderful Indian restaurant, and Pizza Express, one of our favorites from the last time we were in London several years ago.




Ooooh. I wonder what I’ll do next?







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