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Day #21 Flowers and Layouts


Yep, still Windsor Castle. I hope I’m not totally boring you to tears. I’m feeling like this challenge, although a really good thing for me personally maybe wasn’t such a good thing to do for the blog. If I’m getting bored showing you the photos, You MUST be bored seeing them.

UGH! Note to self: Don’t do this again next year! The challenge for myself, personally, YES! But for publication? I’m thinking no.









My flower for this 21st day of my May flower challenge is a lovely little balloon flower. The pods (which look a little like balloons,) open into these sweet little blooms.


Somehow, I’m managing to hang in there with flowers. Thankfully more things are coming into bloom, just as I need them! Heeheehee! I sure hope that by next year, I’ve got the garden planted a lot better than I did this year!

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