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Day #16 Flowers and Layouts

Moving right along on my challenges. Had you told my on the 16th of May I’d still be going strong, I’m not sure I would have believed you! But then, as a dear friend reminded me, I always have done my best work under pressure!

Day # 16 finds me working on our trip to Windsor Castle, complete with a fake photo bombing by the queen and about a gazillion photos of the castle from every angle you can imagine! I’m going to try hard to get 4-6 pages done each day so the same subject matter doesn’t go on day after day after day. “Try” being the operative word…I didn’t get it done today, so I just have a single layout to show you – the introduction pages for our visit.






On the big tag, I made a couple of boo boos. I stamped the words “Windsor Castle” in fairly big letters, intending to write around them. But, the textured paper didn’t accept the ink very well and it came out pretty faint, so I went to plan B and wrote over them instead of around. Then, I made a spelling error and didn’t want to re-do it. So, what to do, what to do? Easy, peasy…I just glopped some paint over the mis-spelled word, then made some additional matching splotches elsewhere on the tag trying to make it look intentional…If I didn’t tell you, would you notice I’d messed up?


Today’s flower is my English Lavender. I started out with Spanish Lavender, not even realizing there is a difference, but there is. And it’s huge. The Spanish Lavender is weedy looking, while the English is just so much more refined-looking. Silly me, I had it for several years before I realized my mistake. But it’s fixed now.


Ah, yes. Much better!

And I’m suddenly realizing that I am pretty heavy on lavender/purple flowers, when red is really my color of choice. Not sure how THAT happened, but I need to fix it!

Also in the garden, Mr. Tattered was out planting his fruit trees (more on that later) and found a heart-shaped rock buried, cleaned it up and had it sitting up for me when I went out to do some weeding.


How sweet is that? I think I’ll keep him!


We have been so busy lately we are BOTH wondering what’s going on. Our calendar is a mass of chicken scratches, with barely any empty space. The school year is almost over, when it seems like it just started, and before we know it the kids will be back in school again, our son will be back from his deployment and we’ll be starting our fall travels. Seriously. It’s practically time to change the calendar to 2016, and I don’t know where the year has gone!

They say after you retire you wonder how you ever had time to work, and it’s so true!

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