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Day #15 Flowers and Layouts

Welcome to Day #15 of my May craziness! I set up my own challenges this month. Challenge #1 is to post a photo of a flower every day – it can be a piece of art or something from the garden. So far they’ve been from the garden, but I’m not sure I’ll make 31 days of flowers from the garden without getting out and doing some planting! Challenge #2 is to do a scrapbook layout every day of the month, which is a really good thing for me. I’m so far behind, and this is giving me the incentive to make progress.

So far I’m following through. Woohoo!

Lest you’ve begun to feel like our whole trip was about the history and architecture of London, let me assure you there was a lot of it that was about the food.

There was a time when we would tell people we were going to the UK and they would say, “ugh, the food there is awful!” If that was ever true, it most certainly is not anymore. Some of the most memorable meals we’ve ever had in our lives were consumed in London.

Right before we left, there was an article about the best vegetarian restaurants in London in Vegetarian Times magazine. The one that sounded the most appealing to us was Mildred’s. Located in Soho, it is an unassuming little place. Never in a million years would you be able to tell from the outside what delights would be found inside!

We’d read that there was often a line (or que) to get in, so we went at off peak times and never had to wait. The tables are close together and there aren’t many of them. The wait staff was quite friendly, and after our first visit (there were many) we felt like regulars, and were treated as such. It was really kind of cool to be recognized so quickly.

The food was incredible. As many times as we went, we didn’t get very deep into the menu because we liked what we were eating so much, we wanted it over and over.



I think I just want to live there. Or bring the chef home with us. Neither one of which are very practical.


I don’t know the technical name for my flower offering today. It is a little ball on the end of a long stem, similar to an allium, and maybe it’s related, but I just call it a snowball. The variegated greenery in the photo does NOT belong to the snowball. It has a tuft of spike greenery at the base, but the other plant has grown over it. I kinda like the look, but I’m going to need to make sure it doesn’t get completely over-run!


Elsewhere in the garden, the Shasta daisies that were barely blooming a few days ago are going crazy.


Notice the dark bird feeder in the background? I had “socks” there before, but rodents (I think! Or else a pretty strong bird!) have been ripping the socks up to get to the thistle seeds, so I decided to get a metal mesh feeder instead. So far I haven’t seen any birds on it, but I’m hoping they’ll get it figured out.

Then I noticed this lovely addition.


At first I thought it was a volunteer, like the lantana, but then I realized it’s a GINORMOUS weed! I really do need to get out there and work!

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