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Day #14 Flowers and Layouts (and a few owlets!)

Welcome to the 14th day of my May challenges! For the whole month of May, I am posting a flower offering from my garden (or elsewhere in my house if I run out of garden flowers!) and to commemorate National Scrapbook Month, a 2 page scrapbook layout, every day.

So far I’ve followed through (which is huge for me!) although I got a few days behind in posting, as my WordPress decided to act up and wouldn’t let me post photos. Now that it’s working again, I’ll be playing catch up for a few days.

My flower today isn’t REALLY a flower. It’s a succulent, but it looks like a flower (and let’s face it, since I’ve ignored my garden so badly this year, I’m getting a little desperate!)



For my scrapbook layout today, I did a quickie about our dinner with friends who live in the Hampstead Heath area, and the death of my camera lens (not alcohol related, I swear, even though it did occur in a pub!) It was horrifying to be so early in our trip and break my primary lens!




Remember awhile back when I did the Owl Cake for Bea’s birthday? I forgot to show you the little owlet cupcakes (carrot cake!) I made to along with it, for the vegan in the family. As I was making them, I forgot to fold the grated carrots into the batter and had them all ready to go into the oven before I realized it! Thank goodness I caught myself before they went into the oven, and the only loss was a few wrappers…




Sweet, huh?

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