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Day #13 Flowers and Layouts and Life’s Little Pleasures

My wordpress has been acting up for a few days. It has not been allowing me to post photos even though I have PLENTY of storage space available. That has caused a backlog of posts I need to get loaded. So bear with me while I play catch up. I won’t do them all on the same day, I promise!

Day #13 was a day that ended up spiraling out of control (an extended family member was briefly in the hospital – all is well now!) but in the morning, it was an amazing series of little things that add so much to life…

I think most of you know that I care for my grandchildren while their parents work, and it is one of the most joyful things I do. Seeing the world through those little eyes is just an amazing way to go through life. The word amaze and all of it’s derivatives is so over-used these days, so I try not to use it in a way that is an exaggeration, but in this context there doesn’t seem to be a better or more accurate word. I find myself in a state of amazement frequently. This is my crew in the Gaga-mobile!


The littlest one is 14 months old, and she is, in all likelihood, the last. I’m tempted to think that because she’s the last I’m paying closer attention, but really, I think I felt this way about them all. Watching their faces light up over the smallest accomplishment or seeing something new or hearing a bird or airplane off in the distance… I just love it.

She insisted on holding her cup by herself. Not a sippy cup, she’s been doing that for awhile, but a big girl cup. We’d been practicing drinking from it with me holding it, but today she didn’t want my help. I put just a small amount in the cup, and she lifted it to her mouth, a little too much of an angle, so she slopped a little down her chin. She set it down and signed “more” so I poured some more and she tried again. This time it was perfect. After she set the cup down she flashed her “full face” smile and clapped for herself. Sharing her joy, I teared up just a little and clapped with her.


Similarly, I had a wonderful time putting my little man to bed for the night. We’d been laughing all day, and when it came time to quiet down in preparation for going to sleep, we couldn’t stop. He has the most contagious laugh. Everything cracked us up. Before he fell asleep he said, “this has been the best day…” and seriously, we nothing special or out of the ordinary.

Sharing secrets with the oldest, watching my little artist spread her wings with her new “how to draw fashion” book – these are the LITTLE things that in the end are the BIGGEST things – the sprinkles on the cupcake of life.

It doesn’t have to be a child. It can be a pet, a spouse’s smile or touch, a sunset, a particularly deep shade of blue sky with a lone puffy white cloud, or even a weed growing up through a crack in the sidewalk, reminding us of nature’s perseverance. But we have to take the time to notice. Trust me on this, you’ll be glad you did. And if you do it every day, many times a day? That’ll be amazing.

So, Day #13.

Here is my campanula. It got an early start this year, so it is on its way out, but still enough is blooming for it to stick out in the garden. I love the color!



I really need to get out there and do some planting…I am dangerously close to being out of flowers to show you!!!


And here we go with today’s layouts, a continuation of the trip to Flatford. I seriously take too many pictures. My scrapbooking woes would be so few if only I could control myself. But the chances of that happening? Not good!

I got on a roll and finished two 2-page layouts plus the collage layout with the leftover shots. Whew!







Thanks for stopping by!

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