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Day #12 – Flowers and Layouts

Well, I’m on day #12 of my self-initiated challenge. Or actually, challenges. I’m posting a photo of a flower a day (either art or decor or from my garden) for Flower Month, and I’m doing a 2-page layout a day for the month to commemorate National Scrapbook Month. And 12 days in, I’m still doing it! Yay, me! Follow-through is not always my strong suit, so I’m pretty pleased with myself!

My flower for today is anonymous. I can’t for the life of me remember what it is (I planted it last year!) and after searching page after page of “spiked flower” images, I can’t find it. It reminds me a bit of foxglove, so it may be related. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s a pretty impressive flower, and it came back!





If, by chance, you know what it is, please leave the name in comments, okay? I would really like to know what it is!


For my National Scrapbook Month layout of the day, I am commemorating our visit to Flatford, a quiet, peaceful area that is now a part of the National Trust (sort of like a National Park in the U.S.) This is the place where the English Artist John Constable got the inspiration for many of his paintings. Back in those days, his family owned the property.

Many times, he would do sketches in Flatford, then go back to his home in Hampstead Heath to do the paintings. The interesting part of that is that we had been in Hampstead Heath a few days before when we were out and about with our other English friends, who lived there. They talked about John Constable, but I had no idea who he was or what he did. It was fun to put it all together. Small world!

So, they had a display of his art, and one of the pieces was “The Hay Wain.” The cottage in the painting is still standing at Flatford, and it was pretty cool to photograph it AND the painting.


I just love scrapbooking. You do something memorable, then you re-live it while creating the pages, and then it’s there to look at and remember again over and over!

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  1. I grew up in Constable country – which made it really hard for me to appreciate his work for a long time, it was on every chocolate box etc as I was growing up. Now I can appreciate it a little more, being thousands of miles away!

    • How cool is that, Deb!? Beautiful country around there! But, yes, when you spend so much time in a place, you don’t appreciate it as much as people who are seeing it for the first time!


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