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Day #11 Flowers, Layouts and a Birthday

For my Day #11 floral offering, please meet my Shasta Daisy! They are just beginning to bloom.




Soon they will be the highlight of the garden. This variety, “Shasta” was practically a weed up in Mt. Shasta, and it practically is here, as well. Left to its own devices it would take over the whole garden. I have to seriously cut it back every year!


I created another enjoyable layout today for National Scrapbook Month. Yay, me! That’s 11 days in a row, and the busiest week of the month is over with. I should be able to do the whole 31 days! I’m pretty excited at the prospect. Follow-through hasn’t been one of my strong points lately!





Notice the chicken in the lower right-hand corner? That is a photo-copy of a card made by an English artist I just love. I could have come home with many of her pieces, but space kept me from buying anything other than a card! It’s just as well. I REALLY don’t need to add anymore STUFF. Framing the original card will have to do.


We had a birthday in the family. Miss Bea turned 7, and, of course, I did her cake. She opted for an owl theme, so it was a fun one to do.



The look on Bea’s face was worth every bit of the effort! The cake I used for inspiration was much simpler, but I couldn’t do just normal frosting! I love the doughnut eyes, as did the kids at the party. They were the first pieces snapped up.


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  1. carolbray047

    I’m enjoying all the beautiful photos you’ve taken of your flowers. Great job on the cake!


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