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Day #9 Flowers and Layouts

I think this is going to be the last day I do JUST flowers and layouts, and will add the other stuff going on in my world as well. I’m getting bored with the same thing everyday, so it stands to reason that you must be, too!

But for today, here’s my flower –


They are beautiful, bright pink cottage roses. The bush has gotten so big and really needs to be cut back, but that will have to wait until it is through blooming for the season. It is just too gorgeous to hack it up now.

This will be my last Lavenham layout.



I’ll be collaging the remaining photos. They aren’t as dramatic that way, but really, who cares about this level of detail besides me, huh? I would really like it if I could keep from printing EVERY single photo I take, but I can’t help it. I just love them too much.

One thing I HAVE done, is to buy a “selphy” printer. It prints photos that are 2″x 3″, which I think will be much more useful for these types of pages that are sooooo photo intensive. But, I’ve already had all the photos from London printed, so I’ll stick with them. When I go to print the ones from Italy, I’ll try to pick the best ones to print in 5″ x 7″, the next best in 4″ x 6″ then do all the support photos…the ones I consider important to only me, in the smaller size. Hopefully that will make the albums a little smaller, but still preserve ALL the photos!

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