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Day #8 Flowers and Layouts

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Today’s flower offering is my scabiosa.



Such a pretty little flower. When I finally get back into planting, I’m going to add more of these! Day after day is going by without getting out to the garden except to take a photograph. When I see these photos, it almost makes me crazy that I can’t be two or three people at the same time, or at least figure out how to get 36 hours out of a 12 hour day!

And on to layouts – more on the trip to Lavenham today. It was such an amazing village. I took SOOOO many pictures, so I’m doing a few pages of true layouts, and another 2-4 pages of collaged photos.

I decided to add a little more detail this time using paint and stamps and a little chalking. I like the look, and I feel a little less like I’m being a slacker.





I even went back and added the same detailing to the layouts from yesterday.



Still not a LOT of embellishing, but closer to what I’m content with. I don’t know if you noticed that I added a little stamping into the journaling. I saw this technique at my local stamping store. Normally I journal on cards rather than directly onto the page, but I like this – right onto the paper with the added interest of highlighting a few words. Progress!

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  1. Love the stamped additions!


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