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Day #7 – Flowers and Layouts

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Geums are one of my favorite flowers in the garden. I have both gold and red. Or at least I did. I’m afraid the red may have either died, or something has grown over it so I can’t see it. I like the long spikes with the little pops of color at the ends. Also, if you deadhead them (cut off the blooms as they die) they will keep blooming for months.



After a very successful day of scrapbooking yesterday, I wasn’t feeling it so much today.

But, onward and upward. I can’t let this momentum slip away!

I can’t shake the feeling I’m phoning these layouts in, but when you’ve got as many photos to do as I have, I just don’t see any other way. As much as I LOVE the technical REAL art layouts with one photo and tons of embellishments, they just are not practical for this big of a project. And NORMALLY  I wouldn’t be posting such simple layouts, but if I’m going to do this challenge, it’s what I’ve got, and I want to be able to prove I’m following through. So, thanks for bearing with me!






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  1. Isnt part of the purpose to remember and preserve the trip, in which case just getting something down will be of much more use than boxes of photos.

    • Very true! BUT, since I’m involving you guys in it, I’d like the layouts to be a LITTLE bit interesting! Heeheehee! But, as I’m looking at them now, they aren’t so bad…


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