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May 1st Challenges – Flowers and Layouts

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Okay, it’s Day #1 of the May personal challenges..Flowers and Layouts (for lack of a better title!)

And believe me, I’m lucky that it’s happening.

After deciding to do this to myself, I realized quickly that the next few days have precious few hours that are unaccounted for.

So, it isn’t going to be an awe-inspiring production, but it’s getting done, and I’m going to count it as a win.

For my flower offering, please meet Miss Lantana. I did not plant this bush. I suspect the birds were doing a little remodeling. The first year it was just a few scrawny flowers, but they were pretty so I kept them. Year two they were more of a presence, but not out of control. This year they’ve kinda taken over, but they are beautiful, and I can’t bring myself to cut them back. Maybe later in the year, but not now.


As for my scrapbook layout…

I’m going to be working on the London layouts. I took so many pictures of each place we went, and as hard as I’m trying to thin them down, this is going to be a photo-intensive book, leaving little space for incredible embellishments or amazing art.

This one is of Selfridge’s Dept. Store on Oxford Street. A dept. store, you question? Well, it’s more than a dept. store. It’s also a “Masterpiece Theater” series on PBS – the dramatic history of the real Harry Selfridge and the store he opened in the early 1900’s. And like Downton Abbey, it captured my imagination, and I had to go see the store that is still a focal point on Oxford Street 100 years later.

In fact, when I was at the train Station I stopped at a kiosk to ask directions, giving only the address, and the lady said, “Oh, Selfridge’s.” I cracked up!

So, may I present what stood out for me at Selfridge’s.








I’m expecting that many of these pages won’t have a lot of accents, but looking at these photos, they need a little something…maybe I’ll add a few staples and some washi tape tonight, but for now, this is what I’ve got!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and checking up on me! I tend to be a slacker at times, so keep the pressure on!

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