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My Mini-Me

Well, Bea is turning into my mini-me…all she wants to do is art.

She loves coming over and going through my supplies. And I don’t ever want her to stop doing that. But she has a birthday coming up in a few days, and I decided she needs some supplies of her own.

The idea came to me when I was wandering through Michael’s and saw a darling “owl” themed storage box that had her name written all over it. I knew she just HAD to have the box, but what could I put in it, and what would she use it for?

Well, art supplies, of course!

And the fun was on. She needed paints and her own brushes and daubers. Maybe some stencils, some ink, stamps and a bottle of modpodge (no self respecting mixed media artist can LIVE without modpodge!) And of course an art journal would be fun. And washi tape. Yeah she NEEDS washi tape.

Then I found a book on drawing fashion, which would combine another of her loves – fancy clothes!

It was taking shape nicely.

And man, it was not cheap! I don’t EVER want to calculate how much I’ve spent on MY supplies!

I would love to say that’s enough to start with, but me and “enough” have never met, and I don’t want to make its acquaintance anytime soon.


So I have a nice start on her box. I’m sure I’ll be adding more. But not too much more. I still want her to marvel at going through my stuff!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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