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The Most Special Kind of Art

Today was an unusual Saturday because we woke up to an empty calendar. That doesn’t seem to happen very often. One of the loveliest parts of starting a day like that, is that you just never know what wonders the day will hold.

We’re in the final stages of a remodel project, and we mentioned in passing over our morning coffee that it might be a good day to put some of the finishing touches on it.

But shortly thereafter the phone rang. It was Bea, our almost-seven-year-old granddaughter calling to see if today would be good day to come over and do some art with Gaga. My heart melted!

Work on the house, or art with Bea? No contest!

She’s been asking for some time now if I could give her art lessons, but with school, piano, ballet, tumbling, and swim team, it just seems like there’s never any time.

But, she had time, and I had that empty calendar, so we made a date.

She has a birthday coming up and is doing an owl theme. I’d picked up some blank owl-shaped pieces of wood, thinking they would make great magnets for her to paint for her friend’s goodie bags, and we decided they would make a good project for “arting” together.

I didn’t have a real plan for how we would decorate them, so I just pulled out paints, paper, some little gems for the eyes, punches, and pens and thought we’d figure it out together.

Finally she arrived, smiling and so excited to get started. Mama said she’d been asking “how much longer?” all day. Her face just lit up when she saw all the supplies waiting to be played with!


We talked about what her choices were, and she decided to do a kind of “mixed-media” look (be still my heart!) She had sixteen magnets to make, a lot for a seven year old, so I asked if I could help her a little, and she agreed that was a good idea.

I buttoned her into a big old shirt to cover her pretty dress, and she picked out the colors of paint to use for her base-coating, then we got started.



Once we got all the base-coating done, she painted the feet on each little owl, then we needed to figure out what to do next.

Bea liked my idea of punching out some little flowers to use as the backing for the eyes, and all by herself came up with the idea of punching out some hearts to use for the bellies. Isn’t that sweet? She also figured out that boys probably wouldn’t care about hearts, and maybe we should use circles for the boy’s owls. She did the punching all by herself.



So we painted and glued until all the owls were decorated. I volunteered to do some simple pen work to fancy them up.


Boy Owls


Girl Owls

When we were all done, we decided the girl owls needed some heart wings, but I didn’t have any that were small enough. So, we’re going to add those, and glue on the magnets during the week. I think they need a little glitter, too…She’ll like that!

I love art  – any kind, any time – but by far the most special art is that done with a grandchild… I’m one lucky Gaga.



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  1. Connie Rawlins

    You are one lucky Gaga. Maybe not a matter of luck, but being there for art with her from an early age. 🙂

    • We never imagined that life would turn out like this, and I’m sure there is an element of luck in it. But we’ve worked at being here to support our kids, and for the little ones (and have had the support of their parents in doing it!) and it has really paid off. Still, I do feel VERY lucky!

  2. Beautiful!!!


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