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Tie Dye – a Little Primer

Whew! Now that I have my latest issue worked through, it’s time to get back to my little life!

But this story has little to do with me, other than I bought the initial kit…

Let’s back up.

Before we left for Maui, I bought Hannah a tie dye kit because she LOVES the tye dye style and I thought she might like to try it herself. I also thought it would be a good project to do outdoors so we didn’t get dye all over the condo. But, as luck would have it, the weather was pretty crummy while we were there, so we didn’t get to go outside much. We used the outdoor time we had on things like zip-lining and horseback riding, and the dying never got done. So the project came home.


The week AFTER we got home was spring break, so mama had the girls at home, and lots of time, so they decided to do the tie dying without telling Gaga. Then they showed up at our house in the cutest tie dye shirts, and I didn’t make the connection. They looked so cute, I thought mama bought them!!

No kidding!

When their cousin saw them, he wanted to make one, too, so they had a tie dye party and made even more.

They started with white tee-shirts (and camisoles, and panties, and shorts and whatever they could find that was made out of white cotton!)


Following the instructions in the book, they set about grabbing up parts of the tee shirt and wrapping it with strategically placed rubber bands…



Once all the bands were in place they began to add the dye. Each bottle comes with powdered dye in it, and you just add water. Then they started squirting away!









When they’d applied all the dye they wanted, Mama wrapped their pieces in plastic wrap where they needed to sit overnight. They look so pretty already!


The next day, she got them all together again so they could see their creations!

But before they could be worn, she needed to rinse the dyed clothing in hot water, then wash and dry them to set the color.



Then it was time for the unveiling!  They’re beautiful!



Ever since, they have practically LIVED in their tie dyed clothes, and want to dye their whole worlds!

I don’t blame them. I’m thinking I might need one myself!

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