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National Pancake Day

My friend Lindsay gave me a heads up that today is National Pancake Day. Woohoo!

To celebrate, my daughter made special “Maui-style” pancakes. In years past we’ve had our very favorite pancakes in the universe at Stella Blues in Keihi – Banana Macadamia – but sadly, this Keihi institution has gone out of business. Additionally, we are trying to eat healthier, and let’s face it, traditional pancakes have little nutritional value.

So Isa (pronounced like Lisa without the “L”) to the rescue!

Not familiar with Isa? She’s a vegan cookbook author with a recipe for KILLER pancakes. And I mean that in comparison to ALL pancakes, not just other vegan ones. Since we got it from her cookbook, I don’t feel comfortable sharing the recipe, but you can buy the cookbook, “Isa Does It” at your favorite bookstore or order it from Amazon!

OR, if you aren’t concerned with nutritional value, just make your favorite basic pancake batter and dress it up!

Anyway, “we” (and that’s the “royal” we, since really it was my daughter, with a little input from the peanut gallery, who made these magnificent creations) used that recipe as a base and built from there, adding apple bananas and finely flaked coconut to the batter.




We added diced bananas, coconut and Macadamia nuts as toppings, then drizzled smothered them organic raw blue agave syrup and/or coconut syrup.




I TRIED to stop at this point, but I didn’t. I ate the whole thing. The. Whole. Thing. But at least I stopped at one. Not all members of our party did. I won’t name names.

Well, Stella, it’s just as well you’re already out of business, ‘cuz if we opened a cafe serving these things, you’d be going out anyway! They were THAT good.

Of course, the atmosphere here would have beat the cafe, anyway.



Hey, wait! That looks like my jewelry studio! Yeah – it does double duty. Or triple even. Maybe more. We spend a fair amount of time out there!

Hope you had a happy National Pancake Day, no matter how you spent it!

And if you missed it, you might want to jot it down on your calendar for next year!

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  1. Nice fluffy pancakes. You made me hungry.


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