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Necessity is the Mother of Creativity (Sometimes!)

I haven’t been being very creative lately. With all the travel and coming home just long enough to unpack, tie up a few loose ends, then pack again, there just hasn’t been time! Of course there’s been time to buy more supplies, but that’s a whole ‘nuther issue, and whole ‘nuther post.

I brought a bunch of things with me on this trip that I’d like to finish while I’m here, but I just haven’t been feeling’ it. But again, dropping in at Ben Franklins, I was able to buy even more supplies that are still sitting in the bag. Yeah. It’s getting a little scary.

But that’s not what this post is about.

We come over to Maui every year that we possibly can, and our daughter’s family joins us nearly every year, and our son’s when they can. This year it’s just the daughter’s.

Tradition has it that when we pick them up at the airport, we greet them with leis. We started out getting fresh ones, but the girls don’t like how they feel, so we switched to silk.

Before we left, Hannah advised me that this year instead of a pink silk flower lei, she’d like a kukui nut lei with teal blue flowers painted on it. (Since we were here last, she’s changed “her color” from pink to teal, and is no longer interested in girly things, so the pink lei just wasn’t going to cut it.) We were going to arrive a week before them, so I figured I’d have time to find one. Well. I could find just about every color of the rainbow EXCEPT blue, let alone teal. It just wasn’t going to be a happening thing.

So what’s a Gawgs to do? Paint one for her, of course!

I don’t remember WHY I had a plain kukui nut lei in the stuff we have in storage, but I did, along with paint brushes AND teal paint. I didn’t have to buy a thing. It was meant to be.



The nuts have a shiny finish, so I knew the acrylic paint might not adhere, but it was that or nothing.


It took two coats of paint. Yeah, not too impressive so far, huh? But it’s amazing what a little pen work can do, and my Signo uni-roller was perfect for the job.



I was pleased with how they look, but I just wasn’t sure the paint was going to stay on, or else scratch off too easily. Then it occurred to me that fingernail polish top coat might be the perfect finish, and it seems to be working.



I like how it turned out. I hope she does.

I’ll add a photo of her wearing it tomorrow!

This was a super simple project, but it felt good to “make” something, even though it was way easy. Now maybe I can get in gear with the rest of the stuff on my list!



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