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My Latest 10,000 Step Saga

I’m guessing you’ve all heard of the 10,000 steps program? You know, fitness experts are saying we should be walking 10,000 steps day to keep from being sedentary, which is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves as we age.

I started the program quite a while ago (like years) but I washed my pedometer in the washing machine and killed it, so that seemed like as good of a sign as any that I wasn’t supposed to be doing it.

By the time I realized that had been a really dumb idea, my gym quit supporting the program (I think it was called dotfit) and I really didn’t want to pay for it, so I sorta forgot about it for awhile. Then Mr. Tattered bought himself a fitbit, similar to the dotfit, so I got myself one and used it for a few weeks, until I lost it. By now I was REALLY feeling like it was an omen. I’m just NOT supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day.

THEN they came out with apps for the iPhone that track your steps. Now THAT I could handle. I almost always have my phone with me, and I’ve never washed it or lost it. This might could work.

I started using it while we onboard ship our last trip.

It’s like a magic kick in the butt for me, that little app spying on me. I discovered that I respond very well to getting my little green bars showing that I’d successfully completed my 10,000 steps. And I discovered that I really, REALLY didn’t like having to look at the orange bar for a whole week if I didn’t make it all the way for a day. It was an incredible incentive to make it happen.

But when I got home, it was a little harder. Where I had my phone every time I left the room on the ship, I didn’t always remember to pick it up when I was walking around at home. So I was getting ripped off for steps. I tried getting in the habit of just leaving my phone in the pocket of the sweatshirt I wear almost like a uniform, but it kept falling out, and I knew it was going to end up in the toilet one day.

I finally decided to buy a holster for it, and after searching high and low, finally found one big enough that my phone would slide into it with the case on (I am AWFULLY hard on phones, and could NEVER be without a protective case!) and was in business.

About a week later, we were at Costco, and Mr. Tattered pointed out a “jawbone” a different kind of pedometer that  can be either a clip on or worn watch-style, and the watch style is SOOOO much safer for me.

Getting it set up almost drove me insane, and I ALMOST took it back, but I FINALLY got it figured out, and now I LOVE it. Well, I don’t love it. It’s reward feature isn’t QUITE as rewarding as watching the orange bars explode and turn green with confetti falling down, and it doesn’t track steps QUITE as quickly as the phone app, but it’s good. SO far I’ve managed to remember to take it off before I get in the shower, and since I wear it 24/7 I haven’t misplaced it.

And I have a remarkable record. I have missed my target only one of day, and that was because I forgot I still had 70 steps left to take until after midnight when it shifted to a new day. I was so mad at myself, I’m pretty sure I won’t do THAT again!

Some nights I’ve been out at 10pm walking up and down the street in front of my house to get the last few hundred steps in, and once I had to walk around the family room 50 times because I didn’t want to go out in the rain, but I’ve hit my target.

I am consistently getting between 10,050 something and 11,200-ish, and it really isn’t too painful, even though I really don’t like walking for the sake of walking. It’s much easier when I am walking TO someplace, but that is rarely the case.

So. Now we’re in Maui, and I want to spend a lot of time outdoors. Especially on the beach. So I’ve been beach walking every day, and I’m taking more and more steps each day. I don’t think it’s been intentional, it’s just happened.

Yesterday I went a little cray cray and walked 17,500 steps. Mostly on the beach. All the way to the Canoe Club by the farmer’s market.


And let me tell you, walking on the sand is quite a bit more difficult than walking on grass or sidewalks. About half way back I was beginning to wonder if I would need to call and have Mr. Tattered rescue me. By the time I got home, my ankles hurt so  much I just KNEW I would be back to just 10,000 plus a few today, if I could even make myself do it at all.

But then when I got up this morning, Mr. Tattered had been out for his walk already, while I was sleeping, and he’d already gotten in his 10,000 steps. I don’t think I MEANT to get competitive, but I did.

So off I went. I had no plans, or goals other than hitting at least 10,000 steps before returning to the condo. Before I knew it, I was at Whale Beach, about 4,000 steps. I took a quick selfie because I had walked that far a few years ago and was so proud of myself for having gone so far that I had taken one, and this just felt like it was too easy. Plus, I wanted to text it to Mr. Tattered to show him how well I was doing.


But if I headed back then, I’d only have 8,000 steps, which was unacceptable, so I continued on. Soon I was at the beach we usually take the girls to, close to the Kam 1 Beach, and figured I could make it there.

About this time the endorphins must have kicked in and I didn’t want to stop – Kam 2,


then Kam 3…


Now I’m starting to fantasize about making it all the way to Wailea. But by the time I got to the Keihi Boat Ramp, I’d developed the beginnings of a blister where my Keens were rubbing on my sweaty foot, and decided I’d better head back. And woohoo! I was at over 9,000 steps!



I tucked down the back of my shoe and headed back. I was feeling surprisingly good. Walking on sidewalks is MUCH easier than on the sand/water. As I passed one of the marketplaces, I decided to detour and see if I could find a lei my granddaughter wanted. I didn’t find the lei, but it added some extra steps. By now I was starting to feel tired, and was glad I hadn’t kept going south.

I stopped again at ABC to get a bottle of cold water (another few extra steps!) then wandered through another marketplace. Still no lei, but more extra steps.

By now, I’m in the beginning stages of wondering if I’m going to give out before I get home. Calling to be saved just wasn’t something I wanted to do, so I pushed on. 17,000, 18,000. I was getting closer and closer.

And then the turnoff to the condo. Woohoo! I was going to make it. By the time I got up to the room I was at 19,034 steps. Tired, but happy.


I was basically a bum for the rest of the day (but I deserved to be, doncha think?) and will finish the day up at a little over 20,200 steps – double my daily goal.

I doubt I will see that number again for a VERY long time. But that’s okay. I think. It has to be. There’s no way I can spend that much time walking when we get back home and the demands of daily life kick back in, so I need to get used to those lower numbers again, and be happy with them.

But it was fun in a sick sorta way.


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