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Ignite! It May Be Backfiring…

You may recall that my One Little Word for 2015 is IGNITE. I selected it because it resonated with me better than “complete” or “finish” which were the ultimate goals I wanted to achieve – completing many of the projects I’ve started and left unfinished. I thought if I were to ignite, I could target that energy to actually FINISH stuff for a change.

Well, I’ve ignited alright, but not in the way I had hoped.

Rather than working on existing unfinished projects, I’m adding new ones at an alarming rate. I mean REALLY alarming. As in “What the hell are you thinking, girl????” alarming.

I need a way of storing my costume jewelry (which is threatening to take over the world) and opted for a large metal mannequin, but it doesn’t have enough places to hang things from, so I’m going to need to add some metal fru-fru. I’m thinking maybe adding wings, and scallops of wire along the bottom. In my head it looks really cute.



I bought a couple of really cute Mary Frances purses on our last trip, and when Bea saw them her face lit up like a Christmas tree, so obviously she needs one. Although I acknowledge I am certifiable, I refuse to spend that much on a purse for a child, so the obvious answer was to make one. Well, after all the supplies I bought for it, I probably should have just sucked it up and bought her one…



…and having the supplies is no guarantee it will ever get actually made. Although I AM trying to elevate the things I’m supposed to do for the kids to the top of the list. She says.

Then there are all the earrings I have designed in my head and have been accumulating supplies for. I suddenly need a pair for every conceivable combination of colors I might be wearing.



I wish I could say this is all, but it barely scratches the surface…

I’ve picked up several projects to do with girls, I’m searching for a class to take in doing mosaics so I could turn my backyard into the next “Giant’s House,” and I have more new projects set up for the garden than you can shake a sick at.

On a positive note, I was ready to add another project – making a bunch of rolled fabric hair barrettes, similar to ones I bought a number of years ago, and just love. But before I bought the materials, I looked to see if I could find them on Etsy, and lo and behold there they were! Instead of adding them to my project list (and in spite of the fact that I could have made them much more cheaply!) I ordered four of them. I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s a small step, but it’s a step.

I have gone off track with all the new projects I’ve added. But I’ve shown a small glimmer of hope that I MIGHT be able to get myself under control. I’ll feel better when I get finishing an old project under my belt. But at least if I can avoid adding any more…

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