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Sweet Faces

In New Zealand there are no native mammals. Isn’t that weird? Any that are here were brought from somewhere else.

Most of them were brought to raise for food or other products – sheep, cattle, pigs, alpaca. Others were brought accidentally, like rats and other rodents that stowed away on the ships in the olden days, and others still, to hunt nuisance creatures, like weasels.

So, we’ve seen a lot of sheep. And some cows, and a few alpaca – even a pig or two. I have to admit thus far the alpaca are my favorite. They have the sweetest little faces.

My favorite stop for seeing farm animals was the Tin Shed. It was a shopping stop, but I don’t have much room for bringing things home. So when I discovered a little farm out behind the shop, me and my camera headed out there. There was a sign saying that if you wanted to feed the animals, you could get feed inside the shop, but as luck would have it, they’d used up their day’s allotment.

The animals were obviously used to being hand fed, and didn’t take too kindly to being stiffed. They backed off as soon as they realized I hadn’t come bearing gifts. But, I got off a few good shots first (I’m not above holding my hand out and pretending like I have something for them!)


 Here, piggy, piggy!


This guy butted the fence when he realized I came empty handed!


Isn’t he darling?





And my favorites, the babies…





I’m still hoping for wild critters in Australia, but these sweet faces make a good alternative for now.

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