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Do You Arc?

Have you even heard of ARC planners?

They are planners using a customizable system that uses plastic discs to hold together your notebook, instead of spirals. You use a special cutter to make flaps in your pages that fit into the discs. You can add and subtract pages easily, as well as turn nearly anything into a page. The discs come in different sizes, so you can make your notebooks thin or fat and use whatever size paper you want, or even different sizes in the same notebook!

The cutter has been around for a really long time. We used to sell it, as well as the discs that it relies on to bind the pages in the scrapbook section in my store years ago, to make custom scrapbooks. Back in those days it wasn’t used for planners, but what a great way to update and market the system! Scrapbooking was a small niche, nearly everyone uses planners!

But the biggest problem with planners is coming up with one that works for each individual. We all track things differently, have different things we want to track. No pre-packaged planner can be all things to all people.

SO, having the ability to bind however many sheets of whatever forms you want is very appealing. There are TONS of forms you can download, order from Staples (as far as I can tell, the only place to get the system is at Staples – I’m guessing they may have bought the company I used to get the system from?) or create your own. It’s a pretty amazing concept, and from what I gather from my art girlies that are doing it, it is TERRIBLY addicting.

I have been sticking my fingers in my ears yelling, “LALALALALALALALA” any time they talk about it, because the last thing I need is yet another addiction.

My friend, Lori has used the ARC system to make a number of planners to aid her in keeping organized this year. You can see more of her ideas on her blog.

Arc Notebooks


And you can see even more ARC ideas at 

This is where many of my art girlies blog and they are going crazy with their ARC planners!

I am so trying to keep from starting one, but they look so fun. I am feeling myself caving. Fortunately I’m not home right now, and I still have a few weeks to try and get over the whole thing. Or just accept that I’m going to give it a whirl. I suspect it’s the latter, but I’m still trying to fool myself into believing I can resist.

So, I ask again, do you ARC? And if not, are you going to check into it? I’d be curious to know what you think.


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  1. I have never heard of these, but what a great idea. As a lefty, I often have trouble with the spiral thingy getting in my way, and use notebooks upside down. With this system, you could flip it and still have the pretty front where it belongs. Pretty cool!

  2. I have a filofax i make custom inserts for, but this year i am trying the passion planner. I am an obsessive capricorn so i have to have a paper planner. You can bet i am going to take a look at this system.

  3. I actually bought (on clearance) a book with those arc rings about five or six years ago. The pages are all black and you are supposed to use jelly pens with it, which of course, I don’t have. Someday I will find those pens on sale and maybe work in my little black book. But I have no desire to own the system, because one of the rings kept falling out.


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