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Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Yeah, we celebrate the secular Christmas, with a Christmas Tree, The Elf on the Shelf and Santa Claus.

But, in honor of the birth of Christ, we also have a birthday cake for Jesus every year, on Christmas Eve. I like to find a fun, new cake every year. We’ve done trains, a variety of trees and a simple cupcake one year… (I don’t remember why that happened!)

This year I discovered the Wilton gingerbread cookie tree and decide to give that a whirl!

The set comes with nested stars that stack to form a tree.

The gingerbread cookie recipe that comes with the set is pretty darn good, and makes enough cookies for the tree with a bit left over for just regular cookies, if you are so inclined.

You cut out two of each size…


And bake them and let them cool.


Then you frost the cookies and stack them, offsetting as you build up.


Once I got them all stacked, I decorated the tree with a variety of cute little sprinkles, and added a gold star and a candle.


The kids could hardly wait to blow out the candle, sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus and dig in.


But I think the gingerbread taste was a little strong for them. They liked the fudge a LOT better!

Now I need to keep an eye out for next year’s cake idea! And, note to self, not gingerbread!


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  1. I’ve been so sick and finally able to sit a few minutes to visit. Trying to catch up, but it’s nearly hopeless, even when I try my own form of “ignite.”

    I bought a set exactly like that in the late 1980s. I made the tree one time, not out of gingerbread, but sugar cookie dough. It was fun to make, but once was definitely enough. I think I should find the kit and give it to someone who would actually make it (grin). Thanks for the memories.

    BTW, loved the pickled hubby and daughter.

    • Ha! And here I thought it was a new-fangled thing! Glad I could spark a happy memory. I’ll have to try it with sugar cookies. We have a special recipe that would work well. It was pretty easy as far as these things go, so I can see myself doing it again.

      I was so sorry to hear you are ill. I hope you bounce back soon. I’ve missed you!


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