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Pickles (aka Daddy/Daughter Bonding)

Earlier in the year, we were having dinner at Mother – a vegan restaurant in Downtown Sacramento.

They had been “pickling.” There were darling jars of pickled vegetables lined all around the restaurant. They made sweet decorations as they “aged,” to be used in various meals later in the year.

Mr. Tattered mentioned that he would like to try his hand at pickling some day, and my daughter chimed in that she’d like to, as well.

Months later, as I began putting together my Christmas buying plan, I remembered the conversation, and headed to Sur la Table, a local kitchen shop, to see if they had any supplies. And lo, and behold, they had a whole section, including water baths, recipe books, pickling spices, and tools.

Mr. Tattered can be VERY difficult to buy for. He has everything he wants, and if he doesn’t he buys it, leaving little for us to get him on occasions such as Christmas. He’d kinda forgotten about the pickled veggies, so it was the perfect idea!

He was VERY surprised, and the two of them just lit up! YAY!

Well, today was pickling day.

They divided up the shopping list for  veggies, and a few incidentals, and it was on!




They decided on cauliflower and beets for their first try!







The house smelled wonderful – garlic, ginger and onions…


The best cooks cook with wine, right?







This first try is for refrigerated pickled veggies. In seven days they’ll be ready to taste. We can hardly wait.

But the best part was the daddy/daughter bonding. It’s a wonderful thing! I’m pretty proud of myself for remembering…

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