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I LOVE that word. Just the thought of it is, well…igniting me! I feel energized in a way I haven’t felt in awhile now!

How can that be? How can a simple word – no action, no nothing – make such a difference?

It’s all in the tremendous flexibility of our brains, the miracle of a shift in attitude, the POWER of words.

I’ve written numerous times about the power of changing your attitude. How a small shift in the way you look at something can completely change the way you feel about it.

Well. Exhibit A.

I have been feeling pretty lethargic lately. I have been unable to get myself enthused about much of anything. I’ve even just about phoned in Christmas this year. I’ve been on auto-pilot, in slow motion, drowning in a sense of “why bother?” I’ve had a hard time prying myself out of my recliner since we’ve been home, and I’ve been “doing” about as little as I can get away with. In the meantime, unfinished projects have been accumulating to the point where “complete” and “finish” were vying for my OLW for 2015.

But they weren’t quite right. I knew the basic CONCEPT was a good one for me to focus on, but we’re talking about THE word that would set the tone for the whole year. Neither were lighting my fire. And really, although the unfinished projects were a symptom of my deeper issue, the underlying problem is a lack of passion.

Then the word IGNITE came on to my radar screen, and all of a sudden I’m feeling the stirring of (dare I say it?) passion. Yeah, passion. Excitement. Instead of wanting to hide away, I’m wanting to DO something.

Last night I pulled out my journal from 2014 that has been woefully ignored, and caught up 2 sections – logging the prompts from both Documented Life and Journal 52. AND, I pulled out the paper that I used to make my monthly calendars for 2014 and put it with the things I need to pack for our January trip (to make NEW calendar pages for the new year!) so I can work on them onboard ship.


AND, I gathered up the materials I needed to help the kids make an ornament for their teachers for Christmas. I had convinced myself there just wasn’t time to do them, and the supplies were about to go on the scrap heap with the tons of others. But NO! I didn’t do it. With just a little effort, I made it happen.




Woohoo! It’s building! I can feel it!

The “to-do” list I keep in my mind where I don’t have to look at it every day is finding its way onto an ACTUAL list.

Now it’s possible I’m just having a manic day. I do that sometimes. It will take a series of days like today for me to completely accept that this is real. But real or not, it feels WONDERFUL, and maybe that will be enough to MAKE it real.

How are you coming with your word? Has it found you yet?


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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