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A Change In My OLW?

So, I’m minding my own business and a post comes across about a VERY expensive class on getting your art business going. NO! Don’t panic. I’m not even CONSIDERING that! Perish the thought.

BUT, the name of the class is “ignite.”

And I LOVE that word.

I am set on the concept of complete/finish for my OLW for 2015, but I’m not loving either of the words. And I can’t come up for another word that means the same thing that I do love. And I hate to settle for a word I don’t love. So, I’m trying to convince myself that if I were to “ignite” it would propel me into completing/finishing things I have started, so would be in keeping with the concept, but be a flashier, more fun word. It feels like a reach to me, but, hey, it’s my word, and I could make it work however I want, huh?

I’ve signed up to do Ali Edward’s support class for the project. Which, to be candid, doesn’t mean a lot. I signed up last year, too, and never even looked at it. I have a reasonably good excuse (don’t I always?) The plan was to combine Documented Life Project, Journal 52 AND One Little Word into one cohesive journal/planner. BUT, I got hung up on what style I was going to use to decorate the journal, and week after week went by without making a decision. Before I knew it I was SOOOOO behind I gave up. Well, not completely. I ultimately figured out how I wanted it to look, got pages base coated and ready to be written on.


I even had a mid-year hallucination that I might yet go back and get caught up. But alas. I ran out of year. Truth be told, I did some work in it today. I STILL haven’t been able to admit to myself that it isn’t going to happen. Heeheehee!

The bad thing is, I have the same fantasy again this year. But. Now I have IGNITE! Such a powerful word. I wonder if it will be powerful enough for me to start this project and actually follow through?

I have one pretty big thing working against me, and that is that I will be gone the whole month of January. So unless I can get my act together quickly enough to take supplies with me on the cruise, I won’t get anything into the journal until we get home. It’s deja vu all over again…

I’ve got about 2 weeks to get this figured out. Well, I’ve already figured out that I’m going with “IGNITE” as my word. Now I have to figure out if I’m going to One Little Word on its own, or if I will attempt, once again, to make it a combination project. AND I need to see, if, as a part of this year’s project, I’m going to go back and try to do last year’s. I suspect I’m crazy to even consider it. But then crazy is my middle name.

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  1. I love your word, Janet! I’m going to try and do DLP this year, too. I got my moleskin journal last year, and other than getting the washi tapes and index of months, nothing else got done in it. So I’m going to try and salvage it by changing the dates or days (or whatever else I need to do to use it for 2015).

    • They are using a different journal this year, Carol. It’s the large, blank Dylusion journal. Not a lot of deets yet. BUT, you don’t NEED to use what they suggest. It’ll just be a matter of adapting what their plan is to fit what YOUR journal ends up being.


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