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Lowering Expectations…

I have a little bit of a super woman complex. Let’s amend that to “had.” I’m getting over it.

There have been times when the expectations I had for myself were unreasonably high. ESPECIALLY at the holidays. I’m not sure if it is old age slowing me down, or a more wise understanding that the things that were driving me crazy were just not that important in the grand scheme of things. Either way, I’m in recovery and I’m happy about it.

There was a day when a mis-written address on Christmas card would mean it got torn up and re-done, even if it meant having to buy additional envelopes. Now, the mistake gets crossed off or darkened over. If it can be read by a semi-blind person, it’s good enough. If someone isn’t going to like me anymore because it isn’t perfect…well, they probably already didn’t like me.

There was a day when the Christmas newsletter had to chronicle the whole year, blow by blow, even if it took 4 pages, and not only that, had to be printed on festive, decorative paper with the text adjusted to wrap around the design. And it had to match the card. These days, I skim the year – distill it down to one page, hitting only the high points. The paper is just a tad bit nicer than plain old copy paper (kind of a parchment look) with no decoration at all. I confess, I had to force myself to NOT add some paint and pen work this year, but I won. Plain, no decoration. At all. Nada. Yes, if I had succumbed to complete slothfulness, there would be no newsletter at all, but I’m not there yet. Quite.


There was a day when Christmas just wasn’t Christmas unless there were plates full of 5 different kinds of Christmas cookies for the neighbors (and to have on hand for snacking…) and those days are gone, as well. Not so much because of the time commitment (although there is a big one!) but for health reasons. Still, yet another thing no longer getting done…


I had even considered not doing the kid’s advent boxes anymore. Not only are they a LOT of work, but they REALLY don’t need so much stuff (or candy!) but Thanksgiving rolls around and they are talking about them already – I just can’t seem to do it to them. I’m not going to be around forever. They need to remember how cool it was that Gaga did that for them! Right? I’m going with it.


Hahahahahaha! Looks like in addition to chronicling my slothful ways, I’m looking for even MORE ways to be lazy. No, let me re-phrase that…”make myself less stressed.” That’s a good thing, right?

I still decorate like crazy, buy Christmas jammies for the grandkids to open on Christmas Eve (like my mom did for my kids when they were little – although I’ve added the gift for the 25th from the advent box as well, just to take the edge off a little!) and do stockings for the grown ups.

I’m making progress on lessening my need to be Super woman. At least at the holidays. Wonder if I can apply some of that to every day life?


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I gave up baking this year – I used to love it, but the past few years it has begun to feel like a chore. There is an excellent independent small baker in town, and this year I decided to let her do my baking instead. I know it will all be organic, delicious and beautifully presented. And I’ll be helping a small business stay afloat – feels like a win all around to me!

    • Great idea! We’re ALL trying to reduce our sugar consumption, so it’s not the baking that’s the problem, but rather the SUGAR. Although I’ve been advised that I need to make fudge, my biggest downfall, and the sugariest thing we eat! Can’t win around here!


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