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Christmas Shopping

I went Christmas shopping. I came home with this.



WHAT????? I bought them, and they are Christmasy, so it’s Christmas shopping, right? The fact that they are going on MY tree, doesn’t change that, does it?

I know. I have issues. But aren’t they just sooooooo cool?

So. That was Saturday. And truth be told, all my shopping (yep, all of it!) turned out to be for me. I feel like I should feel guilty, but I can’t honestly say I am. I hardly ever go shopping anymore, so when I do, I go a little cray-cray have to get warmed up. Saturday was warm up day. Sunday and Monday I did better. In fact, I probably did a little TOO good at Toys R Us. I think I’m lucky we have a small family, so not too many gifts to buy! Heeheehee!

Hope you’re on schedule with your shopping, and gettin’ a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for yourself along the way (it’ll make me feel better if I’m not alone!)










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  1. I picked out my presents from my hubby – really cool sock monkey slippers!! So excited to get to wear them!

    • I used to buy my own Christmas presents. For years I never got what was on my list, and I finally asked Mr. Tattered why, and he said “because you ask of dumb stuff.” That was it, and I became my own Santa. Now we pretty much just buy what we want when we want it (which isn’t all that much!) so I don’t have a list and if I get something, great, if not, that’s great, too. I’m a lucky girl, and I’m grateful. Enjoy your monkey slippers! They sound fun!


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