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Shifting to Decorating

It’s that time of year. I’m actually a couple of days late starting on getting the Christmas decorations up. Normally I have my fall decorations up and I’m tired of them and anxious to start the changeover right after Thanksgiving (sometimes even Thanksgiving day!) But this year I never put up fall decorations (I can’t believe that, but I really didn’t!) which made it a little easier to procrastinate.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the grandkids would be so disappointed, I may have even convinced myself to skip decorating for Christmas this year.

BUT, they love their advent boxes which are stored with the rest of the Christmas decorations, so I figured I may as well get them all down at the same time. I still looked at all the bins for a day before I actually did anything with them.

It wasn’t until I remembered I had a new ratty, rustic tree in the back of the CRV that my interest got revved up. I’m CRAZY about it, and that excitement extended to the rest of the decorating.


I found this little treasure at a vintage craft show. I fell instantly in love with it, but it didn’t have a price on it, so I convinced myself it was too expensive and walked on by. BUT, it was so me. Even my granddaughter, Hannah, recognized that. I explained to her that is was probably too expensive, and she marched right up to the guy and asked the price, then ran back to me saying, “Gaga, it’s only $125 (hahahaha! ONLY!) Well, I’d guessed $300, so it really WAS a bargain. One I obviously couldn’t pass up.

Once I played with that display, it was easier to get started on the rest.


I did start with the smallest, easiest…the Victorian/shabby chic/angel area is ALMOST done.








And, the main tree is up and about half the lights are on.


It is such a big job. A friend suggested going to a shorter tree (I’m acknowledging the 9-footer may be getting to be too much for me) BUT, that would mean getting rid of ornaments, and I’m just not ready for that yet.

Then there’s the Santa display, the gingerbread display, and the tree display…

If I work on all of this a little every day I should be done in about a week or so, but I’m going to TRY to finish up over the weekend. So, bear with me. I WILL get it done, and I’ll even try to get some other stuff done while I’m at it.


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  1. OK, I admit, this is a beautiful tree, BUT . . . .

  2. as soon as I saw decorating in the title I felt a little inadequate – cos you REALLY decorate!


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