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AEDM #24 – Movin’ S…L…O…W…

If this is the speed I’m going to be moving at while doing the albums for this last trip, I’ll be finishing up around the middle of Nevuary.

I suppose I could have continued to alter paper while I was waiting for my prints to be made, but I didn’t want to get a bunch done and realize once I put photos on them that I don’t like them. So, I waited.

Then the photos came.


This is the 1,984 photos from London and Paris. Lord have mercy. Looking at 6 boxes was intimidating enough, but the worst part was…THEY WEREN’T IN ORDER. No kidding. Most of the photos from one venue were together, but there were random photos mixed in. They weren’t even in chronological order. It was a mess. And they pretty much needed to be sorted and organized before I went any further. I spent time each day for 4 days sorting and organizing.


For the purpose of today’s post, I’m going to count that as doing art! Not everything about art is the wonderfulness that shows up on a canvas (or in this case, on a page…) There’s “behind-the-scenes” stuff that has to get done, and that’s what I’ve been working on. There was no way around it. To get past it, I had to go through it, even though it was my very least favorite part.

I used tabs on index cards to separate subject matter.


I had considered doing the whole album diary style, each day’s photos together, but I decided instead to do it by subject matter, in a loose framework of the chronological order of the venues visited. Then I’ll throw in layouts about specialty stuff, like the tube and our nightly pub drinks (yes, I actually photographed our drinks every night! Heeheehee!) along the way. I think it will work.

I’d like to say the organizing is DONE. But it really isn’t. However, it is “done enough” to be able to start to put a few pages together and give myself a break from the not-so-fun-part.


So the worst part is over with, at least for the first third of the trip. Um, yeah. This 1,984 is just the first 2 1/2 weeks. There are 4 more after this. I know. I’m nuts.

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  1. So….I wish I could sympathize with your dilemma but I just can’t find it in me to feel sorry for you, my friend…because….YOU HAD A EUROPEAN VACATION…and alas…I did not =(
    (loved the photos on your site that you shared though)

  2. I’m sure glad there is no Costco near me, because I would NEVER use them. That is a nightmare. However, short of returning them to Costco, you are doing the right thing. Behind the scenes stuff is not always pretty, but you and I both know it has to be done. Just chalk it up to all that fun you had on vacation as you relive it in your photo memories..

    • I vaguely remember the same thing happening with another photo company (oh, yeah…O-photo, a division of Kodak) a number of years ago. I don’t understand how it could happen. They were “ordered” in order. But, I’m thinking it just goes with the MANY PRINT territory. Anyway, I enjoy looking at the photos, so although it’s eaten up a lot of time, it wasn’t a total loss.


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