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EV Day #47 – Oh, Wait….


How sad is that?

For so long, I’ve not even had to THINK about what to blog about. It’s been right there in front of me. The only thing I needed to concern myself with was which of the gazillion photos I’d taken that day to show you.

Now I’m home, it’s time to get back to doing my art, and all I have to show you is a bunch of hypothetical projects that may or may not turn into actual things.

Here is the album I bought for the 1st leg of our EV – London. I sure hope I can find another one just like it because the chances of all the photos fitting into one are slim and none. But then the chances of the album getting completed are, too! Heeheehee! And that’s not even counting the other 2 legs, that as of yet, have no album!



Then there’s the cookbooks that were supposed to change my life. I have yet to make anything out of them, and we’ve been home for over 2 weeks.



And the blank glass balls that are going to have scenes from each leg of our trip on them for the Christmas tree. Yeah, I’m kinda rolling on the floor laughing over that one, too! HEY! It could happen!



And I’m LOVING this empty wall. It is going to be a vacation showplace for our favorite vacation photos and mementos. Come on now, people! That kind of hysterical laughing is damaging my ego. Oh, wait! That was me! Heeheehee!


Lord have mercy. Those are just the projects that are front and center on my “want to do” list. It doesn’t even take into account all the things already stacked up in various stages of completion from God knows how many years ago.

Someone needs to do a blog challenge about finishing up abandoned projects. Now there’s a thought…

Today’s Gratitude:

I’m grateful to have so many choices (I think…) Imagine how boring and unfulfilling life would be if it was so structured you could do only the things someone else wants you to do! So in spite of the fact that I have waaaaaaay too many things on my plate, no one is making me do them, and if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I hope you share some recipes from that cookbook. Not laughing there, or anywhere, either. I am sure you’ll find time to do whatever you WANT to complete.

    Speaking of completing. I’m thinking about doing a Veteran’s Day post, and was wondering if I could PLEASE use one of your Tower of London photos. You will get full credit, of course. Please let me know if it’s OK, because I would NEVER steal a photo, only take ones I have permission to use.


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