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EV Day #46 – Travel Day and Wrap up

Today we headed home. It was a very long, grueling day – 4am wake up, 3 hours from Budapest to London, running through Heathrow to avoid missing our connection (thus spoiling our plans for bringing our veggie food onto the plane with us AND loading up on Cadbury to bring home) another 11 hours in the air, topped off with a 2 1/2 hour trip from San Francisco to home (but at least we didn’t have to drive, so that helped!) By the time we arrived home, we were beat.

We’re already putting plans in place to avoid that much pain in the future.

This was the longest, most diverse trip we’ve ever taken, and we learned a lot.

1) It would be better for us to do the quietest part of the trip 1st. Going at warp speed for 4 1/2 weeks then slowing down doesn’t work. It SOUNDED like a good idea, but instead of being able to relax and decompress before coming home, it felt like watching grass grow much of the time in comparison to the busy-ness of earlier in the trip. Had we done it the other way around, we would have eased into the vacation, then gone 60 miles an hour at the end, and being home would have seemed relaxing!

2) Considering that we were packing for 3 separate two-week vacations in one “under 50#” suitcase each, we did a pretty good job of packing. I took only 3 pieces of clothing I didn’t wear, and they were pretty much “in case of” things, and I don’t regret taking them. I DO regret taking just a small backpack for carry on instead of a suitcase AND a backpack. We had literally NO space for souvenirs. I won’t be making THAT mistake again.

3) When deciding what art supplies to take, I really need to consider what type of a trip we’re taking. Ocean cruises, take art supplies. They get used on sea days. Any other kind of trip, chances are they’ll never see the light of day. This one, I never even unzipped my go bag! Not in 6 1/2 weeks! Had I left them home, I would have had at least a little space for buying a treasure here and there and taking another pair of shoes! The truth of the matter is, blogging and keeping photographs down to a manageable level is all the “art” I have the time and energy for on a land trip.

4) I REALLY need to keep up on the journal! I got way behind, and even though I eventually got caught up, I hate to think of how much I forgot between the time the events happened and when I got them on paper. I like to think I photograph everything, but I know there are things that aren’t able to be photographed that I want to remember.

And so we’re back to the real world, and will remain here until the end of the year, then we’ll be off on another adventure!

Let me end with a few more photos through my tattered lens! Okay, more than a few. I got carried away!











































Yeah. It was a great trip!

Gratitude Day #3:

I am extremely grateful for my health, at least so far. So many people I know are dealing with terrible health problems right now. I know it could be me at any time. But for now, I’m doing’ okay, and grateful for it.





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  1. Oh, the lines in your photos are gorgeous. They all seem to have a sentience about them. Fantastic. Love, love, love!!

  2. I keep looking at your photos and laughing about the guide who first questioned your choice of photos, then opened his eyes to the possibilities that might be just around the corner. I always LOVE that you share such unique photos, and would love to see a few of the outtakes, too.

    Sounds like you learned a LOT about how to pack and what to take. I can get by on six outfits TOTAL for all that time, because you never see the same people more than once, unless you are meeting with friends who travel with you (like on the first part of your journey). Even then, mixing and matching is the key. I noticed when you took photos of you, most of the skirts were easy to pack and lightweight. At least now you have a better idea for your next adventure.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the photos. Once I start scrapbooking them, I’m sure you’ll see more. I’m not exaggerating when I say I have them winnowed down to 5800. I may be able to delete another few hundred, but it’s hard to part with them! Sometimes is takes a little distance to be able to see that not every one helps to tell the story!

      As for clothing, the biggest problem is that in Europe laundry facilities are not as plentiful as they are here. We had a washer/dryer in the flat in London, took it out to have it done once in Italy, and all the rest of the time we had to hand wash and hang dry. I took a lot of black and did a LOT of mixing and matching!


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