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EV Day #45 – Budapest, A Huge Surprise!

Although we still have a travel day tomorrow (so will technically still be on vacation!) today is the last REAL day of our European Vacation. And what a great way for it to end.

Budapest was not on my radar as a place that I WANTED to go. It just happened to be at the end of this cruise. Little did I know it would turn out to be the crown jewel of the river cruise (and maybe even the whole trip!)

The day started out as every day on the cruise did…arriving in port and spending a portion of the day touring the city we were in.

Budapest is quite a beautiful city. It has been ravaged over and over throughout its history, and sustained major bombing damage during WWII.  During its communist years most of the remaining art and other treasures were destroyed. But eventually, the most historic buildings were re-built. There were originally 3 towns that combined to form present day Budapest (pronounced Boo-duh-pesht) Buda, Obuda and Pest. A large portion of it is now a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, and cannot be modernized, leaving it to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe.






















One of our favorite sites to visit was Heroes Square, with its statues of historical people who played important parts in the long history of the area.








We went back to the boat for dinner thinking that the day was pretty much over, but unbeknownst to us, the best was yet to come.

After dinner we were invited to come up to the sun deck for a night tour of the city by river. We went up top to find that whole city was lit up like a Christmas tree – the castle, palaces, bridges and monuments were all aglow in a golden light. It was incredible. The photos don’t even begin to do it justice.












The weather was perfect. Clear, cool and dry. The Blue Danube Waltz was playing in the background, and all the while we sipped schnapps. Can you imagine it? It was so romantic.  And soul-touchingly beautiful.

What an amazing way to end an adventure.

But here’s the deal. Like I said, this was not even on my radar. And it makes me wonder how many other wonderful, amazing places are there out there that we don’t know about? For now I’ll have to imagine. We’re home for a couple of months before we hit the road (or sea) again…

DAY 2 – Gratitude:

I am grateful that we have been given the opportunity to live close to both our kids and their families! Both kids and their spouses have blessed us by allowing us to care for their children while they work (at least when we’re home!) and we feel so fortunate to be able to do that!


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  1. what a gorgeous way to end your vacation. I was very impressed by your photos of the rotunda with all the statues. They remind me of a memorial in Washington DC that is similar.

    As for wondering about places to go, you might want to look at my IMAGINARY trip to South America. Right now I’m still in Argentina and have been for some time. I will send links if you are interested. And I should probably take photos and scans of my Asian altered book because I “traveled” through 40 countries in Asia. Not real like yours, but it will give you an idea of what’s out there.

    BTW, what setting did you use for the incredible night photos?

    • I would LOVE to see what you’ve done, Elizabeth! Amazingly, the setting I had the best luck with was the “sport” setting. I took over a hundred photos of the lights using every setting on the camera and very few turned out. I had high hopes for the nighttime setting, but the shutter speed was so slow that the movement of the boat was enough to cause the photos to come out massively blurry. These were the best, and even they aren’t GREAT.

  2. Wow! So fun to see all these great photos Janet! Sounds like you are having a great time.

  3. Your photos are amazing – thanks so much for taking us on your journey with you! I’m here from AEDM and can’t wait to see your other work when you get home too!


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