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EV Day #42 1/2 – Cruising the Danube and Durnstein

When I left off yesterday, we had spent the morning touring the Melk Abbey. In the afternoon we cruised down the Danube, with an afternoon stop in Durnstein before heading to Vienna. I was all set to show you a few more castle photos, and some great shots from Durnstein, but I got so caught up with shots from the Abbey, I decided to wait and do a whole post on them today, then get on to Vienna tomorrow.

So, a few from along the Danube:







The rest are from Durnstein, a cute little winery town. Our guide actually owned the winery, and took us on a little train/tram ride through the winery before walking through town.























One of the things I like about this cruise is that they restock their wine supply with local wines along the way. We have yet to have a bad glass. I am far from being a connoisseur, but I know what I like. And the variety they brought on from this region was very good.

Tonight we had dinner with our guides and had the best time. It was just the four of us, like a double date and we just chatted and drank wine for hours. It was one of the highlights of the cruise thus far!


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