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EV Day #41 – Passau – Our Last German Port

Today we visit out last port in Germany, Passau. My interest in what we are seeing is FINALLY changing my lack of interest in the trip (if I can just avoid thinking about the food. Oh, and waking up when the boat hits the walls of the locks.) Not so much for Mr. Tattered who swears that without a convincing argument to the contrary, he’s been on his last river cruise. Now instead of dragging, the days are whizzing by – a sure sign I’m having fun. It’s about time! Heeheehee!

Anyway. Lots of fun things to photograph, so I’m in Heaven.








Wow…there was tremendous flooding on the Danube last summer. We were shocked at how high up it got in town – above the doors!









The old stone bridge was under construction. Good to see they’re fixing things, but sure wish we could have seen it!




Just LOVE this photo…looks like a post card!

Cute story…If you’ve read previous posts, you know that our guide, Frans, doesn’t quite understand my photography, but we had a breakthrough today. He said that he has been through all these towns many times, but instead of seeing what he usually sees, he’s trying to anticipate what I might take a photo of! Because of my crazy way of seeing things, I’ve inspired someone else to see through different eyes. I have to admit, I LOVE that!

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