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EV Day #39 – Nuremberg, Germany – YIKERS!

This morning we pulled into Nuremberg, perhaps the city Mr. Tattered was most looking forward to, what with his interest in all things WWII.

The city was nearly leveled during the war, so much of it is now new. But, historic sights were rebuilt as close to the originals as was possible.

Parts of it were kinda creepy. We saw the Nazi parade grounds, and the balcony where Hitler made some of his speeches,



and the courthouse where the Nuremberg trials took place.


I regularly hang back from the group to take photos, but today our guide (Frans) was moved to ask what in the world I was taking a picture of when he saw me taking this shot…


When I told him, he just shook his said. I laughed and said, “my husband agrees!”

We also got an excellent lecture about how WWII and the Holocaust are taught in German schools. I was VERY impressed. This is a country that is not trying to whitewash its ugly past, but to accept that what happened, take responsibility for it, and make every effort to insure that the past doesn’t get repeated.


From there we headed to Nuremberg Castle (Kaiserburg Nurberg) and a great view of the city below.






A short walk later we were in the center city square and turned the ring on the “Der Schoene Brunnen” for good luck…



and watched the figures move in the tower of the Frauenkirche at noon.


We also sampled the famous “gingerbread” made here at Hauptmarkt, which is really more of a soft spicy scone than what we think of as gingerbread, and contains NO ginger! It was yummo.

When we got a chance to walk around on our own for a little while, we went to a local restaurant and had savory crepes. They were heavier than the crepes we had in Amsterdam, but they were pretty good! It was nice to take a break from the ship fare (which is pretty unimaginative from a vegetarian’s standpoint!)


Mr. Tattered acted as the “lollipop” holder while our guide tried to locate the bus. He looked SO official!


Back on board the ship, we continued sailing on the Main-Danube Canal toward the Continental divide, where we would begin sailing “down” the river, rather than “up.”

There was a spectacular sunset.




The captain lit up the marker for the continental divide, but my camera was totally unimpressed.


This marks the highest spot we’ll be at, nearly 1,400 feet above sea level from the actual sea level we started at. Yeah, world’s worst photo, but you gotta go with what you have!

Tomorrow we’ll arrive in Regensburg, Germany.

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