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EV Day #37 – Wurzburg, Germany

We’ve seen a bunch of palaces and castles on this trip. You’d think we’d be fancy building’ed out, and we pretty much are. Except that each one we see seems to have a charm of its own, making it interesting and unique, and therefore NOT boring.

The Residenz Palace in Wurtburg is no exception.

This Baroque Palace is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. It doesn’t look NEARLY as fancy on the outside as it is on the inside!





Although there are huge doors on the front now, back in its heyday, carriages came right into the entryway and let people out right at the base of the great staircase. From there they went up the stairs to be greeted by a huge fresco on the ceiling of the “Four Continents.”  (We weren’t allowed to take photos inside, so I snagged these next 3 photos from the internet!)




We only had a few minutes to dash through the gardens…



resgarden3-wThat thing that looks like a wall is actually a hedge!


Pretty amazing place…I could have spent a LOT more time wandering the grounds.

This afternoon we continued sailing on the Main River, en-route to Bamburg. In the morning we’ll wake up on the Main-Danube Canal, the man-made connection between the Main and Danube Rivers. We’ll be going through lots more locks, as we near the Continental Divide.

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