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EV Day #36 – Miltenberg, Germany and Swans

Last night, after leaving Rudesheim, we left the Rhine River and went onto the Main (pronounced “mine”.) It’s a much smaller river, with low bridges, so we now have no access to the upper level of the boat, and even the captain’s lookout can be lowered as needed. We are continuing to climb up towards the Continental Divide.

Our first stop of the day was in Miltenberg, Germany.


By the dock we got our first close up view of the swans we’ve been seeing on the river. They are one of my new loves!







Aren’t they just gorgeous creatures?

Miltenberg is a cute little town with cobblestone streets and gabled, half-timber houses, built from the 15 – 17 centuries. Our walking tour was short, but fun – full of fun things to photograph.







Soon it was “all aboard” and we were off to our next stop, Wertheim. There was no formal tour in Wertheim, and we toyed with the idea of just going in to town and wandering. But, our guides were making a presentation on the architecture of Europe that sounded interesting, so we stayed onboard for that.

Next stop, Wurzburg!

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  1. Cute town. I would’ve had a hard time getting back on the boat.


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