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EV Day #35 – Rhine Gorge – Castle Day!

Today was the day I’d been looking forward to most – the day when we get to see all the castles on the side of the river. We’d actually been here on a day trip 14 or so years ago, and enjoyed it, so we were kinda excited to see it again, this time with a better camera and lens!

But it didn’t go quite as planned.

The sky was overcast, so the photos are pretty marginal, and you know how I feel about marginal photos {grin.}

I could have gone inside and pulled out my art supplies (yes, I’ve hauled them all across Europe, and no, I haven’t even taken them out of the suitcase…) but when you pay to see scenery, you kinda feel like you ought to be looking at it, or you’ve wasted the money.

So I did a lot of sitting (and walking around the deck) and there may have been a pout or two.

This was the best I could do…






After lunch we pulled into Rudesheim, and boarded a little train/tram for the short trip up to the Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum. I can’t say I was excited about the tour, but it was nice to be walking around. As these things often do, it surprised me, and turned out to be pretty interesting. It was not only in a cute little old building, but the instruments were kinda cool.




Walking back down to the boat we meandered through the cute little town. Mr. Tattered was on a mission to get back to the boat (I can’t imagine why – I was glad to be off and moving around!) so I didn’t get to dawdle as much as I would have liked, but I did take a few photos of the cuteness, which lifted my spirits a little.




There’s nothing scientific about our feelings about this cruise. There are several factors contributing to our discontent, and I can’t be sure that we are being fair, but I find it interesting that we’re BOTH wishing we were somewhere else (although Mr. Tattered is wishing he was home, and I’m wishing we were on a different trip. Heeheehee! So he’s thinking we need to limit our away time to 4 weeks, and I’m thinking we just need to do slow things first, if at all, and speed up as we go.)

For starters, we had so much fun with Mike and Mary Jo in Italy, and we haven’t found anyone to pal around with on this trip. Then the food is marginal instead of the fantastic food we had for the first 4 weeks. And we’re just not finding Germany all that interesting (with a few exceptions.) And even if we were, we’re mostly watching it go by instead of being “in it.” Does that make sense? And we need more exercise.

Anyway, we’re in beautiful country and I’m bound and determined to improve my attitude. It’s just not right to be in a new place, seeing new things and wishing I was somewhere else.


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  1. I love how honest you are about your feelings at this point in the trip. I can’t imagine pasta as the only vegetarian food you have, although I can certainly understand it, having been married to a vegetarian for 30 years. I’m hoping that as I read on, your menu choices will change.


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