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EV Days #31 and #32 – Amsterdam

With sad hearts and great hopes for returning soon, we left Venice and headed on to Amsterdam. Note to self: Next time take the train to Florence or Rome to fly out. “Quaint” and “airport” don’t belong in the same sentence! “Nuff said about that!

Once we got in the air, all was well. We flew to Heathrow, then on to Amsterdam. Luggage arrived with us, and it was just a matter of grabbing a cab and off we went to our new home for 2 days.


“The Fusion” is a nice B&B in the outskirts of Amsterdam. Our hosts (Alex and Sharmilla) are nice, speak English well, and are very helpful. They pointed us to a neighborhood Indian Restaurant for dinner where we had a good meal then headed back to settle in and plan the next day.

One of the things that struck us immediately is that there are bicycles EVERYWHERE! And they are crazy drivers. We cracked up seeing people cycling by while texting. What part of that could POSSIBLY be a good idea?


Anyway. Breakfast came with our room, and was DELISH! Alex made the lightest crepes which we filled with yogurt and fruit.

We’d plan to go to the Ann Frank Museum, but turns out tickets are sold out weeks in advance, so instead we opted to go to the Rijksmuseum.


Mr. Tattered wanted to see some of the works by Vermeer, and they had a few. I wasn’t all that keen on going to another museum, but I figured we’d probably just be there a couple of hours and I could survive that.


Who knew I’d love the late 1600/1700 Dutch Masters? We ended up having lunch in the museum cafe because we weren’t ready to leave by lunchtime! Then it was back to it and by the time we were tired, we’d seen little more than one floor! I loved the way they had “cheat sheets” that pointed out the interesting parts of some of the paintings that helped you “read” them – so much more interesting to understand why a painting is special than to just look at it and think, “that’s pretty.” Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” was one of those.



I came away with artists I want to know more about, including Johannes Verspronck…








and Willem Heda.


Aren’t they amazing?

We wrapped the afternoon up with a quick “big bus” tour for an overview of the city, but with the top up (a little drizzly out) my photos, what few there are, aren’t worth sharing.

We’d planned to go back to the Indian Restaurant for dinner again, but they were closed, so we expanded our horizons and tried something we’d never tried before…Indonesian. Wow! Since we confessed to our waiter we’d never had Indonesian before, he suggested a sampler plate with small amounts of 10 different menu items. Turned out to be a good plan. We got try a lot of different things, and they were ALL delish!


I’m loving all the new things we’re tasting, doing, learning…


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  1. That Indonesian food looks so yummy, and I love, love the close-up photos of the detail on those incredible paintings. They look like photographs themselves!


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