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Let’s Talk About Bidets

What’s a bidet, you ask? First, it’s pronounced bih-day, and if you’ve never traveled to Europe or Japan, you may never have come into contact with one.

It is a special toilet-y kinda thing, designed to clean off our hineys and other special places.

Here in the US of A, we’ve kinda resigned ourselves to a rather archaic way of bathroom clean up, doncha think? In the past few years companies have tried to sell “wet tissues” for bathroom use, but sales are flat. We are just determined to suffer. And have have less than clean hind ends. Why is that?

Well, even in the UK and Italy, where we had bidets available, I was slow to warm up to them, unlike Mr. Tattered, who embraced not only the concept, but the actuality of it. I didn’t try it until just before we left, and I have to say it was quite nice.


So. We are about to remodel our master bathroom, to take out the whirlpool bath we never use, and make the area into a walk in shower. AND, we were thinking about knocking out a wall, and adding a bidet. Then, at dinner last night, our dinner companions mentioned that they have an “after-market” addition to the existing toilet that accomplishes the same thing.

It is called a “washlett” by a Japanese company called Toto. You can find a funny, but accurate article about the product,  here.

It is actually a toilet seat that fits onto your existing toilet, and adds the features of a bidet, including a nozzle for squirting off your delicate parts with warm water. What a novel concept. Actually WASHING rather than just wiping. And it even warms the seat! What’s not to love?

I think it’s about time Americans understand that we DO have things to learn from the rest of the world. And how to keep our bottoms clean is one of them.


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