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EV Day #26 – Bargello and Duomo (and yes, I’ll explain!)

So. Two things I’D never heard of. I’m guessing you may not have either.

The Bargello (otherwise known as the Museo Nazionale del Bargello – or National Museum) is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Florence dating back to 1255, and has seen some interesting times. For all of the 18th century it was used a prison, and not a very nice one. In the mid-19th century it became a museum, and now showcases some amazing pieces, including works by Donetello and Michelangelo.




bargello1-wBust of Cosimo Medici by Benvenuto Cellini

bargello4-wDonatello’s marble David

bargello3-wDonatello’s Bronze David

bargello2-wVerrocchio’s David

From the Bargello we walked to the Duomo, otherwise known as “The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral,” the main church of Florence. It includes Brunelleschi’s Dome and is an architectural masterpiece that has to be seen to be completely appreciated.

220px-1898098977mmmtr7684unattributed photo from the internet

From every vantage point, it is just incredibly beautiful. One of the things that cracked us up was that you can tell who was getting along by the colors of marble used. This one had pink and green in addition to white, so things were going pretty well. The place with the pink was often on the outs with others, so it’s a little unusual!



We weren’t allowed to photograph inside, but it was awesome.

From there we went to the workshop where the craftsmen do reconstruction work, which was pretty timely, because the structure incurred a fair amount of damage in a freak hailstorm just a week ago. There were sections that were under scaffolding.

The craftsmen use pretty much the same tools they used back in the day. We enjoyed seeing what they were up to.



From there we went to drink (I mean lunch! Heeheehee!) well, we had a pre-lunch glass of wine before our glass of wine WITH lunch (this has got to stop. Some day soon. Just not today.) Then we had free time and were off to the Baptistry. Another cool place (circa 897) with gorgeous mosaics, even though some of them were kinda creepy. One of them showed Satan eating people and pooping them out. I texted my daughter-in-law that the Catholics sure had a good way of scaring people into being good. She replied, “now you know why I worry so much. BTW, I was just worried about rotting in hell. Now I have to worry about getting eaten and pooped out!” Bwahahahaha! It’s fun to keep in touch with the family even though we’re so far away!




Mr. Tattered decided to go back to the hotel (I think he was checking the inside of his eyeballs!) while I trekked out with my camera to see what kind of trouble I could get into. Believe it or not, I was unable to find any…just a cup of espresso and a dozen or so photos of ducks and geese down by the river.

Tonight we had dinner at the Palazzo Borghese complete with Renaissance entertainment as would have been found in the palaces of the time. There was a lot of audience participation. Mr. Tattered was chosen to be the Lord of the Manor and pranced around looking high and mighty in a cool outfit. He did a great job, but I was taking a video, not stills, so you’ll have to imagine what he looked like!

Then it was back to the hotel to finish packing to leave for Venice in the morning. I’m really sad to be leaving Flornence, but I’ll be saying “arrivederci” not goodbye. Pretty sure we’ll be meeting again!

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