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EV Day #24 – Michelangelo’s David (and more)

I am not an art snob. In fact, I know very little about it. I don’t know what makes something “good,” and, I can’t even tell one painter or sculptor of a certain style of art from another. I’ve never cared enough to even try. Until now.

But even I know what Michelangelo’s David looks like. And I was even looking forward to seeing it in person.

I was totally unprepared for getting goosebumps when I did!

The way it is set up, you go into the building, walk around a corner, then you see it off in the distance. And even then you can tell it is really big. And the goosebumps start. Wow.


Then they get bigger the more you see…




Some deranged man took a hammer to it, so it’s under better guard now. You can no longer get right up to it…


Back in the main hallway were 4 of the 6 unfinished statues of Michelangelo. They were part of a set of 30 originally  commissioned by Pope Julius II to adorn his tomb. But the Pope died shortly thereafter, and the project was never completed. The 2 sculptures that were closer to completion are in the Louvre. They are called the “Slaves” or “Unfinished Giants” and are considered a bit of a mystery, as art historians are unable to agree on exactly why they are in such varying degrees of completion.


In our wanderings the rest of the day, I took a bunch more random photos, and of course, some of them are doors…



We had a wonderful dinner with Mike and Mary Jo, and the best part (next to the great company!) was the cheese plate!


I just LOVE Italian cheese plates. Oh, let’s be fair. I love anyone’s cheese plates. But Italian ones go particularly well with Italian wine, my current favorite!

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  1. Will you be shipping home a new door?


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