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EV Day #21 – A Walkabout and Borghese Gallery

Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away on this one. You may want to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine…

Going on a walkabout in Rome is an adventure in itself.

The architecture is fun and there are so many monuments and cool-looking things everywhere you look that the camera just clicks itself! I put the setting on “action” and have developed a pause step, so that I can take photos without actually stopping.

So, I’ll share some random photos with you, then talk a little about the Borgese Gallery. Hope you enjoy!

walkabout5-wI’m developing a door fetish. I’ll try to take it easy on you, but it’s going to be hard.

walkabout3-wNo more today, but you haven’t seen the last!

walkabout14-wI also have a wrought iron fetish.

walkabout2-wYep…I do.

walkabout15-wWhen you order a 1/2 liter of wine, it always comes in a cute little ceramic jug!

walkabout8-wOutside many restaurants you find displays like this. Doesn’t it just SCREAM “we have fresh food!”

walkabout9-wUh oh…I’m scared to start. There’s a lot of junk gelato in Italy. I’m holding out for the good stuff.

walkabout10-wCool pillars – you’ll be seeing more of those, as well.

walkabout11-wWood fired pizza all over the place – be still my heart!

walkabout6-wMosaic floors – I’m in love

walkabout4-wThis is a mall! Can you believe that???

 walkabout1-wThere are almost as many churches in Rome as there are restaurants, and each one has the most spectacular decorations. It’s just incredible!

trevifountain1-wDon’t recognize it? Neither did I. Think “3 Coins in a fountain.” Yeah, we didn’t get to see the Trevi Fountain – it’s undergoing renovations and under scaffolding, as are MANY buildings in Rome.

walkabout13-wWe DID get to see the fountain at the Piazza Navona which is pretty spectacular itself, along with the surrounding buildings…

walkabout12-wNot bad for a half days walk, huh?

Actually, we saw the Pantheon, too, but I’m going to save that for another day, and jump right into the Borghese Gallery, which was our afternoon stop.

The Borghese family is a big deal in Italy, boasting lots of famous people, including Pope Paul V. They were an extremely wealthy family, and apparently pulled a lot of shenanigans in acquiring a boatload of art. My favorite is when the Pope would commission a piece, not like it, and his nephew Cardinal Scipione Borghese (the one who started the family collection) would buy it at pennies on the dollar to keep the artist from completely losing out…or so the story goes. The Cardinal was a patron of Benini, and many of his sculptures were done for the Cardinal.

Anyway. Their acquisitions ended up being housed in the Villa Borghese (their party palace)  which is now the Borghese Gallery and Gardens, and is open to the public. Also included are works by Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio and many more. It was almost overwhelming.

The outside of the building is pretty tame – nothing to indicate the treasures within.


The gardens were not terribly well-kept, but had some interesting pieces.


borghese2-wI Loved this headless statue with the pigeon perched on its neck!

borghese4-wMr. Tattered has turned into the pied paper for lonely women…I swear every time I turn around he’s chattin’ up another one. Or two.

Anyway. Back to the Borghese. From the moment you walked in, your eyes could find no quiet space to rest on. From the marble floors


to ceiling frescoes



and everywhere inbetween there was SOMETHING. Even the back staircases were photo-worthy.


…and the sculptures. Oh, my. The sculptures. I’m sort of a fan of Bernini. Who knew?

borghese10-wBernini’s David

borghese8-wand his Apollo and Daphne

borghese11-wand The Rape of Proserpina

Wow. Just wow.

What an incredible end to the day’s tour.

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