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EV Day #18 – Last Day in London AND Ev Day #19 – Travel Day

The past 2 1/2 weeks have just flown by. I’d be a complete mess leaving it wasn’t for the fact that we have two more adventures awaiting us. Although we miss our family, we are having such a good time. When we’re home, sometimes we forget to spend time on each other, and on top of seeing and doing so many new things, it’s the time we’re spending re-connecting that is the amazing blessing.

We had a lot of odds and ends to do getting ready to leave (like LAUNDRY!) but we wanted to work in one more thing (in addition to our last trip to the gate!) so we decided to go to the museum of London.


It wasn’t the most exciting museum we’ve been to, but we got kind of a quick overview of how London got to be London, so that was a nice way to wrap up the trip.

I only took a few pictures, if you can believe that…

A bit of birch fence that might have applications in my garden,


an example of mosaics that may have to find a way to be included in my life (just what I need – another medium to learn!)


and a sheet of manuscript I may be able to make copies of to work into art of some kind!


We capped off the day with our last visit to the gate for dinner. It felt like saying goodbye to family!

Then it was home, packing up the last bit of stuff, and TRYING to sleep.

Day #19 we had to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the airport to fly to Rome. I don’t know why flying is so exhausting, but it is.

The only sightseeing we managed to do today was on the trip from the airport to the hotel – our first glimpse of ancient ruins.


We got to the hotel (Hotel Diana – pronounced Hotel Dee-awnna)


ran out for a glass of birra and vino bianco (we’re catching on to the language ALREADY!) and a little dinner,

hotel diana1-w

and just CRASHED.

Day 20 we’ll be meeting up with the group from Road Scholar and starting out on the second leg of our adventure!


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